Re: Review: Support for per-shot looks

Malcolm Humphreys <malcolmh...@...>

I really like most of this change, I have a few comments which are mostly cosmetic.

'Default' seems a little redundant in this names.
config.getDefaultContext() vs config.getCurrentContext()
config.getDefaultSearchPath() vs config.getSearchPath()
config.setDefaultSearchPath() vs config.setSearchPath()

'Config' also seems redundant in these names.
config.getConfigRootDir() vs config.getWorkingDir()
config.setConfigRootDir() vs config.setWorkingDir()

'context' varies it's position in few of the argument list. It would be nice if this was more consistent. ie. BuildColorSpaceOps(ops, config, context, src, dst) vs getProcessor(src, dst, context)

It feels better to me to change getProcessor to (context, src, dst) but either way would work.

Can we rename GetPreppedSearchPath to something like ResolveSearchPaths?

What would cause the g_fileExistsCache to be flushed? I could see this could be problematic if a client app was running for a while and files started to change on disk.

In the future is the idea to add a section into the yaml which LoadEnvironmentVariables() can use to limit which variables it looks up?
JOB: None
SEQ: common
SHOT: None


On 24/12/2010, at 9:06 AM, Jeremy Selan wrote:


Resolves Issue #16:

This commit enables color transforms to leverage environment variables
+ search paths to determine the lut location. This will enable
workflows where the looks changes across different
shots/sequences/etc. For apps which work in the context of a single
shot, no changes are required. And, for apps which span multiple
shots (such as a playback utility), a mechanism is provided to update
the variables at runtime.

We introduce a new class, OCIO::Context, that is responsible for all
of the work involved in turning a short filename into full path. (it
handles both envvar interpolation and search paths). Profiles, on
construction, automatically get a default context which contains the
full environment. New versions of getProcessor have been added that
take a context as an argument, allowing the default context to be
overridden at runtime. If no context is provided, the default is

-- Jeremy

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