Review: Support python with --exec-prefix and registering Nuke viewer processes

"dbr/Ben" <dbr....@...>

I've made a few minor changes, partly to familiarise myself with the
code, partly to say thanks for open-sourcing this extremely useful

First change - there was a hardcoded Nuke path, which meant you
couldn't do "cmake -D Nuke_INSTALL_PATH=/blah". Not sure if there's a
reason this this was hardcoded, but it's a (trivially) nicer than
using the env-variable:

Second a slightly less trivial - to support Python installations that
use --exec-prefix to put arch-specific stuff in a separate directory -
before it would fail to compile, complaining "pyconfig.h was not
found" (I guess it's pretty uncommon to use --exec-prefix, as even
PyQT had/has this issue..)

Tested on CentOS, with the exec-prefix'd Python, and OS X 10.6 with
the default system Python, both worked work fine.

Final two commits are to the and - automagical loading/
menu'ing of the OCIO nodes, and a first attempt at registering
OCIODisplay nodes as Nuke viewer processes.

It adds one process for every display and every transform (e.g "Film1D
(sRGB)", "Log (sRGB)", "Film1D (P3)", "Log (P3)") - seemed like the
most Nuke'ish solution given the limitations of the viewer

On that subject, I wonder if it's possible to somehow tie the viewer's
exposure/gamma controls to the OCIODIsplay node.. I suspect not

As I said, nothing too exciting.. I'm hoping to integrate OCIO into
the pipeline at work soon, so will almost certainly have more patches/
questions/feature-requests soon!

Oh, I've not signed a CLA yet - these changes seemed trivial enough
for it not to be necessary, but I will do so soon. Let me know if this
is a problem

Anyway, thanks again to everyone involved in this project!
- Ben Dickson

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