Review: Building/config related docs

"dbr/Ben" <b...@...>

Added Python versions of most of the C++ usage examples (except the GPU one, as the Processor.getGpuLut3D method isn't exposed). Might not be terribly practical code, but it's a nice demo of the Python bindings (plus not being hugely familiar with C++, I find it extremely useful seeing both side by side!)

Other commits relate the docs, mainly the setup page:

Link to license page from FAQ

"Building from source" page. Not totally sure this is best-practices etc, but seem sensible and looks similar to the existing INSTALL file

Mention the LD_ and DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH env-vars on setup page

"Nuke configuration" section on setup page

...and reorganise the headings for the above changes, to keep the ToC tidy (rST's heading notation is slightly.. odd)

Temporarily copied a built version of the updated docs to

Shall do the CLA tomorrow afternoon!
- Ben

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