Re: Review: Building/config related docs

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On 14/01/2011, at 7:23 AM, Malcolm Humphreys wrote:

The only thing I can see is missing is a section on NUKE_PATH in the environment section.

Oh, good point - I forgot PYTHONPATH also. Mentioned both of these, and few other minor changes:

Also a slightly-unrelated change, but for some reason when building on OS X, Boost was not optional, as Boost_INCLUDE_DIR was used in core, pyglue and testbed. Not entirely sure this is the right solution, but it works for me..

On 14/01/2011, at 4:41 AM, Jeremy Selan wrote:

Oh, and an observation:  we now essentially have two masters for the
docs, the inline documentation, and the webpage version.  My
inclination is to treat the git version as the master, and then to do
periodic html / pdf drops to the website.    I'm thinking I could make
docs and post them for every dot release. Thoughts?

Do you mean having the site be generated from the latest version's Sphinx docs? Or the sphinx docs be accessible from the site's "Documentation" link?

I think the former could be sensible - keep all the documentation in the git repository, so it is always in sync with the code, and make is simple to get the docs as they were for a given version

Should be pretty simple to tweak Sphinx so it works nicely as a homepage (with a nice intro page instead of just the table-of-contents and so on)

- Ben

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