First Code Drop: OCS v0.5.4

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>


We've made a lot of progress on Open Color Space, and decided to post
our first cut. This is first code drop of many; we will try to post
the trunk either every week or every 2 weeks. (And soon enough we'll
be on github for those interested in tracking 'live'.)

This code is pre-alpha. Major components of the codebase are commented
out, and/or only spec'd in pseudo-code. However, for those interested
in the API or library implementation details, it gives a really good
idea for where we're looking to go.

The current build is a demonstration of the end-to-end processing
chain. We include the OCS Nuke Plugin, and use it to convert images
between different colorspaces.


* Initial code drop
* CMake linux support
* XML OCS format parsing / saving
* Example colorspace configuration with a few 'trivial' colorspaces
* Mutable colorspace configuration API
* Support for 1D lut processing
* Support for SPI 1D fileformats.
* Nuke plugin

Up next:
* Additional processing ops: 3D lut, matrix, analytical log
* 3rd party lut support
* Python API

... and after that:
* GPU support
* Output Display Device transforms

git grep -i todo Color.0.5.4 | wc -l

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