Review: DisplayTransform interface update

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>



The API to get/set display devices has been updated. What previous
was 'TransformName' is now called a 'DisplayAlias', to minimize
confusion with new users. (The old Transforms has nothing
to do with OCIO::Transform, so this name was misleading). A new
environment variable is available, $OCIO_DEVICE_MASK, which allows
for optional runtime speicification of connected display devices. The
config format has been updated to reflect these modified names. Also
available are two new entries, device_defaults + alias_defaults which
allow for a specification of defaults for devices and alises.

This breaks compatibility with both the API and the .config format.

FYI, Pretty soon we hope to have a stable branch locked off!
We're going to be switching Imageworks this month to exclusively use
the public OCIO for all upcoming productions.

-- Jeremy

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