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Can you post an example profile with a few more display lines. The code for this looks fine, I'm just not too sure of the structure in the yaml and how clear the names device and alias are as terminology in this context.

eg, We have a mixture displays of different make and models and each of these I would call a device (we do group these into manageable sets and calibrate them to an 'ideal' device). I keep wanting to call these a 'target' or 'target-device'.

But I feel like I'm maybe missing something so an example would be good.


On 21/01/2011, at 10:01 AM, Jeremy Selan wrote:



The API to get/set display devices has been updated. What previous
was 'TransformName' is now called a 'DisplayAlias', to minimize
confusion with new users. (The old Transforms has nothing
to do with OCIO::Transform, so this name was misleading). A new
environment variable is available, $OCIO_DEVICE_MASK, which allows
for optional runtime speicification of connected display devices. The
config format has been updated to reflect these modified names. Also
available are two new entries, device_defaults + alias_defaults which
allow for a specification of defaults for devices and alises.

This breaks compatibility with both the API and the .config format.

FYI, Pretty soon we hope to have a stable branch locked off!
We're going to be switching Imageworks this month to exclusively use
the public OCIO for all upcoming productions.

-- Jeremy

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