Re: Review: FileTransform supports .cc and .ccc files

"dbr/Ben" <b...@...>

On 23/01/2011, at 4:39 PM, Malcolm Humphreys wrote:

It would be great to restructure this a bit so the idea of contexts being part of the viewing transforms comes through.

Good point. I've renamed the first section "A contrived example", which just explains using env-vars to find a LUT. The second example is more practical, and applies the grade, then a lin-to-log/3D LUT.

The final one is incomplete, but (attempts to) explains the balance/creative grade workflow. Not sure how to configure the graded linear space. e.g for the steps

- Raw log .dpx
- lg10 to lnh
- Apply "working" balance grade
- Comp
- Reverse balance grade
- Beauty grade
- lnh -> lg10
- lg10 to sRGB could add a lnh_graded space:

- !<ColorSpace>
  name: lnh_graded
  family: ln
  bitdepth: 16f
  from_reference: !<FileTransform> {src: balance_grades.ccc, cccid: "${SHOT}"}

Then if you transform from lg10 to lnh_graded, it would apply the lg10->lnh, and lnh->graded

Does this sound reasonable?

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