Re: Review: FileTransform supports .cc and .ccc files

"dbr/Ben" <b...@...>

On 23/01/2011, at 4:41 AM, Jeremy Selan wrote:
But... what if
we added a button that when pressed provided a popup for the user?
(Calling out to OCIO to enumerate the options).  That would make it
convenient + keep data value 'native'.

This sounds like a good solution, much less error prone than storing the dropdown in the node itself.

The J_3Way node ( ) has a nice UI to load a grade from a .ccc file - when you click the "Import" button, you get a dialog with a drop-down of all the ID's, and it shows a preview of the values, and the description:

Something like this would be simple to do. Could allow an arbitrary string input with a "<Custom>" item in the drop-down, which reveals a string input knob.

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