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Joseph Slomka <jsl...@...>


This is slightly off topic.

Is there a new ICC standard support for the MPE tags? The newest document I found on this was That document is not even a proposal.

It still looks like the D2Bx tags are not officially supported. In your expecience do most CMM's and applications implement D2Bx support?


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Added ociobuildicc app which will build a soft-proofing icc profile for a given working space.
(added LCMS2 into ext)


Attached is an example of two profiles in action.

From the left
* sRGB reference image (ocio cpu)
* matte paint allocation space
* log space image.

The visual difference in the log image is most likely caused by 16bit quantization errors in the CLUT of the AToB0Tag. These errors are less with the matte paint allocation as the distance to travel is less.

I did play around with supporting the new MPE D2Bx and B2Dx tags which should make this problem go away ( but couldn't get it too work reliably so I pulled it out till I can.


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