Re: Status of CSP prelut?

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>

Yes, we're waiting on spline interpolation code.

Malcolm will be the authority on which spline interpolation is
appropriate for the csp prelut, I'll let him comment on the details.
I'm not sure if a simple spline model is sufficient, or if more
advanced features (such as tangent controls) are necessary.

Ben - Do you already have suitable spline code ready? I have some
strong ideas for how I'd like the code to be implemented internally.
(The issue is whether the spline would be upsampled on load to a
regularized 1D lut, or instead if we should create a new native
SplineOp (which would likely require both CPU + GPU implementations).

If you're not up for tackling the Op code, I'd be happy to do that
legwork, and then you could update the csp reader.

Do you have example CSP files that use the prelut? I'd love to look at them.

-- Jeremy

On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 2:46 PM, dbr/Ben <dbr....@...> wrote:
I was going to attempt to finish it off, but wanted to check if there's anything I should know before starting to prod around..

From the comments/old mailing list messages, it seems like it is mainly just waiting on a SplineOp class?

- Ben

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