Re: Stable Version, Ahoy!

Malcolm Humphreys <malcolmh...@...>


My top few right now

- Bit depth support in the API
- !<Look> concept fleshed out a little
- Transform / Op Plugin API
- Static Link working
- Update to the latest yaml-cpp from trunk, it has some new features so we can have tags like (!ColorSpace) rather than (!<ColorSpace>), mostly visual but really makes it not look like xml.


On 04 Feb, 2011,at 01:05 PM, Jeremy Selan <jere...@...> wrote:

Team Coco,

OpenColorIO is rapidly approaching stability, so the time is ripe to
lock off on our next stable API version. If you have any short-term
additions or requests that will break API binary compatibility (or
modify the .ocio format in a non-backwards compatible manner), now is
the time to shout.

The plan is by March 1 to lock off on a stable 0.8 branch.

Of course, there's a whole slew of features + optimizations scheduled
to be addressed after March 1st, but all of these will addressed in an
ABI friendly manner.

The long-term plan is for 0.8 to be rock solid for 6 or so months, and
then to address all (hopefully minor) comments in a 1.0 release around

Thanks for keeping up with us thus far!

-- Jeremy

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