Review: replaced BOOST test with OIIO test

Malcolm Humphreys <malcolmh...@...>

I'm going to start to use branches from now on, so that pull requests work as expected. btw have you thought about making a github user for the dev-list so that it could receive the pull requests?

I have added some bits to the OIIO unittest.h header so that it lets us swap out our usage of Boost for unit tests, this might need to change a little when committing this back to OIIO.

* replaced BOOST test with OIIO test, added OIIO_TEST_APP, OIIO_TEST_SETUP, OIIO_ADD_TEST, OIIO_CHECK_NO_THOW, OIIO_CHECK_THOW, OIIO_CHECK_CLOSE in an effort to remove boost as a build dependancy
* added a OCIO static target that gets built by default
* added ext/oiio with plans to move argparse and strutil to this location


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