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Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>

Oh, and for those who geek out on python binding implementations, I'd
invite you to check out:

I'm curious to see how people feel about this approach. Rather than
automatically generating bindings (or using tools like boost::python),
I'm hand-crafting them to allow for explicit object / interface
design. The biggest issue is that we're making explicit use of const-
ness on the C side, and python does not have a way to carry this
information over. Our custom binding approach lets us handle this in
a way that's uber-explicit to the end user, with calls such as:


The hope is that this leads to minimal confusion on the python API

If anyone knows of an approach which automates binding generation, but
also tackles this issue please let me know.


-- Jeremy

On Jun 8, 10:14 am, Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...> wrote:
Version 0.5.6 (June 8 2010):
    * PyConfig stub implementation
    * Dropped ImageDesc.init; added PlanarImageDesc / PackedImageDesc
    * Dropped tr1::shared_ptr; added boost::shared_ptr

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