Re: 0.7.8 Released

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>

A big heads up I forgot to mention, 0.7.8 is not binary compatible
with 0.7.7 due to the boost ptr change. My hope (and intent) is for
this to be the final binary incompatible change before locking off on
0.8.x stable releases (hopefully in the next week or two).

-- Jeremy

On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 3:41 PM, Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...> wrote:
Version 0.7.8:
   * Iridas lut (.cube) bugfix, DOMAIN_MIN / DOMAIN_MAX now obeyed
   * Exposed GPU functions in python (needed for Mari)
   * Nuke OCIODisplay cleanup: Fixed knob names and added envvar support
   * ociobaker cleanup
   * tinyxml ABI visibility cleaned up
   * Removed Boost dependency, tr1::shared_ptr now used instead

-- Jeremy

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