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... from an anonymous commenter, some excellent questions. (I'll be
adding these to the FAQ).

One question I think would be good for the faq: how does this system
compare to commercial systems like Truelight and Cinespace? I have a
general idea of what the answer is, but I think it's something that
people might be wondering.
This system is complementary to Truelight / Cinespace. Although
Truelight comes with a bunch of plugins, its core functionality is to
generate the 3D luts for things like print emulation, device mapping,
etc, and I don't see this role changing. (Our library does not
to fill these roles). It will be very straightforward to implement
reader for unencrypted truelight luts. Note that supporting
*encrypted* luts is probably not simple due to legal considerations.
am unsure if Cinespace has the capability to export un-encrypted LUTs.

Also, I didn't totally get this line in the faq: "GPU Acceleration is
handled by dynamically generating shader code and associated 3D luts. We
DO NOT, and WILL NOT link to GL / Cg / etc." Maybe I don't fully
understand which chunk of code you're going to be open-sourcing ...
you're saying that this project will have no calls to GL or Cg? Is the
Cg stuff not part of this project?
Sorry for being confusing. ALL of the Cg / GLSL generation stuff
developed at SPI (related to color processing) is being included in

This entry was intended to clarify issues relating to integration;
even though this library generates cg / glsl code, we don't link to
GL directly. Instead, the library returns "simple" data types, a
std::string with the shader text, and a float* with the lookup
It is left to the client app to make the appropriate GL calls
accordingly. (which in our experience is not much of a burden, and
actually makes everyones lives simpler). A bit of extra information
(such as cacheIDs for the 3d luts) are also included to allow for
additional client-side optimizations. (In the 3dlut cacheid case, to
prevent reloading the 3d texture every time something changes).

On Apr 21, 6:07 pm, Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...> wrote:
I'll be posting (anonymously) the previous comments on ver 0.1 so that
new members will be able to easily track the comment history.

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