OCIO 0.7.9 / 0.8.0 Released

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>

The time is ripe to lock off on a stable 0.8 release.

(We've actually been avoiding ABI breaks for awhile now, this should
be anti-climactic). New features / bug fixes will continue to be
welcome in 0.8, presuming they are low risk and the code is vetted.

-- Jeremy

**Version 0.8.0 (Apr 19 2011):**
* ABI Lockoff for stable 0.8 branch
New features can be added, but the ABI will only be extended in
a binary compatible manner
* Otherwise identical to 0.7.9

**Version 0.7.9 (Apr 18 2011):**
* Added support for .vf luts
* Misc. Nuke enhancements
* Adds optional boost ptr support (backwards compatibility)
* Makefile enhancements (Nuke / CMAKE_INSTALL_EXEC_PREFIX)
* cdlTransform.setXML crash fix

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