Re: ociobakelut clamps tops?

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>


Oliver - could you email be your jp_lin2log.lut (directly)? I'd like
to re-create this on my end. Dont worry about the Kodak cube lut, I
can use one of my own there instead.

One thing I notice, the Dreamcolor family shouldnt be 'lin'. I'd
probably set it to 'Dreamcolor' on the absence of other information.
(The family is often used to short-circuit conversions of the same
type, but at differing bit depths). I should probably update the API
so people can leave it blank if they dont know it, and to assume the
color-space name in that case).

-- Jeremy

On Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 1:20 AM, Oliver Farkas <oliver...@...> wrote:
Hey guys,

I'm trying to use ociobakelut to bake out a .csp lut. I'm using the latest
opencolorio (0.8.0), but getting weird results. It clamps the tops, details
in the bright areas are completely gone. I'm wondering if I'm missing

The command I'm using is this:

ociobakelut --iconfig ./config.ocio --inputspace scene_grey18 --outputspace
Dreamcolor --format cinespace > ./Kodak2383CoolGrade_ocio_Dreamcolor.csp

The corresponding parts in the config.ocio look like this:

  - !<ColorSpace>
    name: scene_grey18
    family: lin
    bitdepth: 32f
    isdata: false
    gpuallocation: lg2
    gpumin: -15
    gpumax: 6

  - !<ColorSpace>
    name: Dreamcolor
    family: lin
    bitdepth: 32f
    isdata: false
    gpuallocation: uniform
    gpumin: 0
    gpumax: 1
    from_reference: !<GroupTransform>
         - !<CDLTransform> {slope: [0.80369623146242275, 0.9566818354009814,
0.94751600781483858], offset: [0, 0, 0], power: [1, 1, 1], saturation: 1}
         - !<FileTransform> {src: jp_lin2log.lut, interpolation: linear}
         - !<FileTransform> {src: Kodak2383_Dreamcolor.cub, interpolation:


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