Re: Yaml-cpp version / windows build

dbr/Ben <dbr....@...>

Sounds good!

I seem to recall Malcolm mentioning that an updated yaml-cpp would allow tidying up the config syntax a bit - allowing "-FileTransform{src:blah}" instead of "-!<FileTransform>{src:blah}", maybe? No idea if this is something we'd get "for free", or if it would require code changes, becoming incompatible with existing configs and other bad things...
- Ben

On 18/05/2011, at 2:33, Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...> wrote:


The Foundry has successfully gotten OCIO working on Windows, but it
required bumping up to the latest stable yaml-cpp version.  So just a
heads up, that library version will be changing soon. (along with a
few other misc. patches).  This wont effect binary compatibility - I
just wanted to keep people in the loop (for those working on the ext

-- Jeremy

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