Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>

After further consideration, I think it's in the project's best
interest to take advantage of this major version bump (v0 -> v1) to
fix a few of the minor API issues prior to the 1.0 release. We've
therefore created a 0.9 branch for this effort. The rationale is that
there's a relatively low number of users currently (a lot of people
are waiting for 1.0), so for a tiny bit of effort now, we can make
life simpler for a much larger number of people going forward.

Branch summary:
0.8.X - Stable branch, suitable for production deployment.
0.9.X - pre-1.0 API dev branch. For testing only.

- Note: the same .ocio configuration will continue to work identically
on both branches
- All bugfixes / additions not related to API will be patched to both branches
- The master branch will continue to point at 0.8 (stable) until 1.0
RC1 is ready
- There won't be an official 0.9.0 tagged release, that build will
become 1.0 RC1
- We're still on track to have 1.0 RC ready for Sep 16th, and 1.0.0 by Oct 1st.

All API changes were looking at are basically minor issues, such as
removing deprecated functions, etc. Porting from 0.8 -> 0.9/1.0 in
most cases will just be a recompile (source code compatible), and
otherwise should be 1 line changes. No 'conceptual' changes will be
attempted / allowed.

-- Jeremy

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