Re: FileTransform interface changes

Andrew Hunter <and...@...>

Hey Jeremy,

On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 8:50 PM, Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...> wrote:
In the meantime, a compromise (suitable for 1.0.0) could be to add an
additional external app (or part of ocio2icc?) that handles the
functionality of ICCTransform, and bakes the result into a 3dlut
suitable for OCIO.  That way folks who rely on ICC calibration would
have a command to generate the needed 3d display luts - it just would
happen as a preprocess, and not at runtime.
This would be absolutely suitable for my workflow. It would be ideal
to be able to support ICC characterization directly in ocio but that
can wait until it's ready if there exists a means for me to get the
characterization of my display into an ocio supporting app.




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