Re: Question about IIF config

Marie F├ętiveau <m...@...>

Thanks for the reply !

The Vectorfield node is a bit buggy - even if you write out a no-op lut (CMS test pattern->GenerateLUT) you get a luminance shift with several formats:
Ok, I didn't know that. I'll have a look, it's interesting !
I see in the table that 3dl are ok... But I'm using Nuke 6.2v4...

And I also have a shift with RV. Has RV a pb with 3dls too ?

Can you advice me a soft where a can surely check my LUT ?

Think the "ociobakut --format flame" and lustre 3dl bakers have fixed cube sizes, as I guess the applications only accept these sized LUT's?
Ok, I didn't figure out what were the particularities of "lustre" and "flame" 3dl formats. That makes sense. I needed a 3dl so I used by default the flame format.

But it is still strange to me : when using the --cubesize 32, the generated LUT is really on 32 segments. Only the header is on 17 segments. If I replace the 17 header by a 32 header, the LUT works on Nuke and RV (with a 17 header, I get weird colors).
Does that mean that Flame, always need a 17 header but can neverthemless parse other size LUTs ?

thanks !


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