Re: Question about IIF config

dbr/Ben <dbr....@...>

On 28/10/2011, at 1:15, Marie F├ętiveau <m...@...> wrote:

compare the resulting LUT (using a VectorField node) with the output of a OCIOColorspace node, there a noticable shift.
The Vectorfield node is a bit buggy - even if you write out a no-op lut (CMS test pattern->GenerateLUT) you get a luminance shift with several formats:

Anyway, on the way out I noticed a bug in ociobakeLut using the --cubesize option and exporting 3dl : the header is always computed for 17 segments.
Think the "ociobakut --format flame" and lustre 3dl bakers have fixed cube sizes, as I guess the applications only accept these sized LUT's?

If that's true, would be easy to add a more generic --format 3dl that respects the cube size (and have the flame/lustre formats error usefully of you try and change the cube size)

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