Review: 3dl export shaper lut now matches 3dlut size

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>

Previously, flame and lustre 3dl export was hard-coded to size 17
shaper luts, even when the cubelut was a different size (33x33x33 for
lustre, for example).

The new default is that the shaper will match the cube size, unless
manually overwritten on the commandline (in which case the specified
shaper size will be obeyed).


--format lustre (writes 33 shaper + 33 cube)
--format flame (writes 17 shaper + 17 cube)
--format flame --cubesize 9 (writes 9 shaper + 9 cube)
--format flame --cubesize 9 --shapersize 33 (writes 33 shaper + 9 cube)

This addresses the issue Marie raised earlier in the week:

-- Jeremy

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