Re: Pre-built libraries/examples for Windows?

Paul Hudson <phuds...@...>

Hi all,
I'm resurrecting this thread to see about the current state of
building OCIO for Windows.
I was able to get Cmake to generate a VS 2008 solution, but it isn't
Colin's list of fixes seem related to at least some of the errors I am
seeing. I will try to implement these myself, but I was just curious
what successes/failures people have had building on Windows recently.

Has any further effort been put into Windows in the master git repo?


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From: Colin Doncaster <colin.d...@...>
Date: May 23, 12:10 pm
Subject: Pre-built libraries/examples for Windows?
To: OpenColorIO Developers

What problems were you having?

Cmake seems to generate usable MSCV 2008 solutions for me when I do

cmake -G "Visual Studio 9 2008 Win64" ..

in the build dir.

There were a few changes I've had to make to successfully compile the
OpenColorIO.lib file, here's a quick list

- I had to download patch forwindows, this comes with Cygwin so just
make sure that's in your PATH environment
- I added an if( NOT WIN32 ) around the CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS as the
compiler wasn't happy with most of them
- I had to use _DUSE_BOOST_PTR=ON and then added INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES
( ${Boost_INCLUDE_DIRS} ) to the CMake file ( I assume everyone else
has boost in their global search paths on *nix systems? )
- I had to have add_definitions("-DWIN64") as the yaml code uses that
vs WIN32 to determine if it needs GCC specific template definitions
- defined an isnan to replace the missing std::isnan
- realpath doesn't exist onWindowsso I had to put PathCanonicalize in
a define instead and include Shlwapi.lib
- fixed the cmake file as the yaml and tinyxml STATIC_LINK paths are
explicitly pointing at *nix library names ( libtinyxml.a instead of
tinyxml.lib )

That seems to build fine.

Just to re-iterate though, the issue wasn't with CMake not working.

I can fork OCIO and make these changes and let someone else try it if
you want.


On 2011-05-23, at 5:49 AM, Peter wrote:

Hi Paul,
I've also been working on gettting awindowsversion of the OCIO
libraries here, and I ran into similar problems to you.
We managed to build the GCC version fine, but onwindowsI resorted to
just manually setting up a VC2005 project and pulling in whatever
files were necessary.
I'm hoping to look in to the cmake problems further this week so that
we can get a consistent build sytem across all platforms here. I''ll
post here anything I find out, and if you have any insights in this
area please feel free to share them with me too ;)
On May 20, 7:44 pm, Paul Miller <p....@...> wrote:
Hey folks. I'm starting to look at OCIO for integration into one or more of
my applications and am having trouble getting it built onWindows(my
primary dev machine). I use Visual Studio 2008. I downloaded from github and
tried using cygwin cmake, which doesn't know about VS, so I grabbed the
latest native CMake forWindowsand that was missing all sorts of
dependencies and creating vcproj files that wouldn't build. I'm likely doing
something wrong but I don't have any experience with cmake. Is there
step-by-step "how to build this onWindows, n00b" document? (I'm also having
trouble finding a native rst viewer).
I'll probably end up just compiling the code directly in anyway, but I want
to get built tools to play around with how it's "supposed to work" before I
dive in.

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