Re: Pre-built libraries/examples for Windows?

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>


And now that I have a Windows machine available, once we get the
process sorted out I'm happy to post pre-built installers (mac,
windows, linux?) for each dot release.

-- Jeremy

On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 7:10 AM, Colin Doncaster
<colin.d...@...> wrote:
Hi there -

If no one else beats me to it I'll try to put together a fork of the project that should work out of the box on Windows together in the next week or two along with some pre-built binaries - just need to send in our corporate CLA.


On 2011-11-16, at 9:45 AM, Ivar Rystad wrote:

Hi guys!
Just want to second that some more windows-friendly documentation/
precompiles would really be appreciated. Not very experienced in this,
but I`m trying to compile thru cygwin and I am almost getting there.
For me it stops here:

$ make install
[  5%] Built target YAML_CPP_LOCAL
[ 10%] Built target tinyxml
[ 10%] Building CXX object src/core/CMakeFiles/OpenColorIO.dir/
warning: -fPIC ignored for target (all code is position
indep                               endent)
In file included from /tmp/sourceCode/imageworks-OpenColorIO-7a16faa/
                from /tmp/sourceCode/imageworks-OpenColorIO-7a16faa/
                from /tmp/sourceCode/imageworks-OpenColorIO-7a16faa/
                from /tmp/sourceCode/imageworks-OpenColorIO-7a16faa/
179:2: error: ‘pthread_spinlock_t’ does not name a type
/tmp/sourceCode/imageworks-OpenColorIO-7a16faa/src/core/Platform.h: In
constructor ‘OpenColorIO::v1::_SpinLock::_SpinLock()’:
174:37: error: ‘_spinlock’ was not declared in this scope
174:71: error: ‘pthread_spin_init’ was not declared in this scope
/tmp/sourceCode/imageworks-OpenColorIO-7a16faa/src/core/Platform.h: In
destructor ‘OpenColorIO::v1::_SpinLock::~_SpinLock()’:
175:40: error: ‘_spinlock’ was not declared in this scope
175:49: error: ‘pthread_spin_destroy’ was not declared in this
sc                               ope
/tmp/sourceCode/imageworks-OpenColorIO-7a16faa/src/core/Platform.h: In
member function ‘void OpenColorIO::v1::_SpinLock::lock()’:
176:37: error: ‘_spinlock’ was not declared in this scope
176:46: error: ‘pthread_spin_lock’ was not declared in this scope
/tmp/sourceCode/imageworks-OpenColorIO-7a16faa/src/core/Platform.h: In
member function ‘void OpenColorIO::v1::_SpinLock::unlock()’:
177:39: error: ‘_spinlock’ was not declared in this scope
177:48: error: ‘pthread_spin_unlock’ was not declared in this
sco                               pe
make[2]: *** [src/core/CMakeFiles/OpenColorIO.dir/Baker.cpp.o] Error 1
make[1]: *** [src/core/CMakeFiles/OpenColorIO.dir/all] Error 2
make: *** [all] Error 2

Sorry if I`m hijacking this thread, but it seemed so similar that I
didn`t want a separate thread.

On 9 Nov, 02:05, Paul Hudson <phuds...@...> wrote:
Yes, 1.0.1.

1.) I saw errors that patch is not a recognized program.  (As Colin
mentioned I downloaded cygwin and put it on the path).

2.) Finding the OCIO_USE_BOOST_PTR Cmake setting cleared out a lot of
these errors:
\OpenColorIO_out\export\OpenColorABI.h(63) : fatal error C1189:
#error :  OCIO needs gcc 4 or later to get access to <tr1/memory> (or
specify USE_BOOST_PTR instead)

3.) Even though I turned on the OCIO_USE_BOOST_PTR, a few projects
(ociocheck, ocioconvert, ociodisplay, ociobakelut) did not have the
Boost include directory added to their additional includes

4.) The LCMS-configure.rule had '.\configure' instead of 'configure'.
However once it was able to run configure, it errors stating:

3>Unknown option --prefix=C:/dev/src/OpenColorIO/build/ext/dist
3>Usage: configure [-buildkey <key>]
3>       [-release] [-debug] [-debug-and-release] [-shared] [-static]
3>       [-no-fast] [-fast] [-no-exceptions] [-exceptions]
3>       [-no-accessibility] [-accessibility] [-no-rtti] [-rtti]
3>       [-no-stl] [-stl] [-no-sql-<driver>] [-qt-sql-<driver>]
3>       [-plugin-sql-<driver>] [-system-sqlite] [-arch <arch>]
3>       [-D <define>] [-I <includepath>] [-L <librarypath>]
3>       [-help] [-no-dsp] [-dsp] [-no-vcproj] [-vcproj]
3>       [-no-qmake] [-qmake] [-dont-process] [-process]
3>       [-no-style-<style>] [-qt-style-<style>] [-redo]
3>       [-saveconfig <config>] [-loadconfig <config>]
3>       [-qt-zlib] [-system-zlib] [-no-gif] [-qt-gif] [-no-libpng]
3>       [-qt-libpng] [-system-libpng] [-no-libtiff] [-qt-libtiff]
3>       [-system-libtiff] [-no-libjpeg] [-qt-libjpeg] [-system-
3>       [-no-libmng] [-qt-libmng] [-system-libmng] [-no-qt3support] [-
3>       [-no-mmx] [-3dnow] [-no-3dnow] [-sse] [-no-sse] [-sse2] [-no-
3>       [-no-iwmmxt] [-iwmmxt] [-openssl] [-openssl-linked]
3>       [-no-openssl] [-no-dbus] [-dbus] [-dbus-linked] [-platform
3>       [-qtnamespace <namespace>] [-qtlibinfix <infix>] [-no-phonon]
3>       [-phonon] [-no-phonon-backend] [-phonon-backend]
3>       [-no-multimedia] [-multimedia] [-no-audio-backend] [-audio-
3>       [-no-script] [-script] [-no-scripttools] [-scripttools]
3>       [-no-webkit] [-webkit] [-webkit-debug] [-graphicssystem
3>       raster|opengl|openvg]

5.) LINK error 'dl.lib'.  Is this against Python?
11>------ Build started: Project: NukeOCIOLookTransform,
Configuration: Release x64 ------
12>------ Build started: Project: NukeOCIOLogConvert, Configuration:
Release x64 ------
13>------ Build started: Project: NukeOCIODisplay, Configuration:
Release x64 ------
6>LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'dl.lib'

That's where I'm at currently.

Thanks for your help,

On Nov 8, 1:47 pm, Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...> wrote:

As far as I know,Windowsshould be building right out of the box. I
presume you're using 1.0.X, correct?
Colin's email you cite below is from May. In August, the Foundry
committed 2 changes should makeWindowsbuilds work. (Mari is
currently shipping with OCIO on all platforms, so it at least works in
their build environment).
What specific issues are you seeing?
-- Jeremy
On Tue, Nov 8, 2011 at 1:34 PM, Paul Hudson <phuds...@...> wrote:
Hi all,
I'm resurrecting this thread to see about the current state of
building OCIO forWindows.
I was able to get Cmake to generate a VS 2008 solution, but it isn't
Colin's list of fixes seem related to at least some of the errors I am
seeing.  I will try to implement these myself, but I was just curious
what successes/failures people have had building onWindowsrecently.
Has any further effort been put intoWindowsin the master git repo?
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From: Colin Doncaster <colin.d...@...>
Date: May 23, 12:10 pm
Subject: Pre-built libraries/examples forWindows?
To: OpenColorIO Developers
What problems were you having?
Cmake seems to generate usable MSCV 2008 solutions for me when I do
cmake -G "Visual Studio 9 2008 Win64" ..
in the build dir.
There were a few changes I've had to make to successfully compile the
OpenColorIO.lib file, here's a quick list

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