Re: Handling of bundled apps/libraries for Linux distro packaging.

Paul Miller <pa...@...>

On 11/20/2011 7:44 PM, Jeremy Selan wrote:
Oh - one other dependency consideration I forgot is our use of an
external shared_ptr header.

Currently the default is to look for tr1, and if it's not enabled you
can optionally specify boost. What should the standard installation do?
Maybe on linux / osx, we always assume the existence of tr1? How about
on windows?
I'm not sure you can assume tr1 on Windows. It first showed up in VS2008 SP1, but some people (including us) aren't using SP1, for compatibility reasons with certain runtimes. However, if you need tr1 you can get it from boost (which is what we do). I have no problem with requiring boost, though I can see it being quite the pain for people who aren't yet using it on Windows. A catch 22 if I ever saw one. Maybe you should just assume people have tr1 afterall. :-)

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