Re: error with ociotoicc

Malcolm Humphreys <malcolmh...@...>

Hi Gresham,

Where are you these days?

The icc profiles generated from any of the ocio tools can only be used as 'soft-proofing' profiles.

I'm not sure if your interested in the technical details but in brief as ocio is a RGB only system internally (rather than XYZ or Lab). This means that 3D luts can only process in the fwd direction (it doesn't matter which cube format you use).

For a 'working space' icc profile you need 2 transforms a fwd and reverse (in Lab or XYZ) for it to be valid, for this and the above reason this is not possible to generate a profile with ocio and with the RGB cube that you have.

You should be able to load your 'soft-proofing' profile over from the window menu (i think..) in photoshop, I guess we should document this. A 'soft-proofing' profile doesn't change the 'working space' of your file just shows you what your file would look like when viewed/printed on the target device which your profile describes.


On 25 Nov, 2011,at 07:40 PM, Gresham Lochner <gresh...@...> wrote:

Hi everyone,

Recently I've tried using the ociotoicc utility with a lut on the
command line. When I try to load the icc file into photoshop, I receive:
"Could not load the RGB working space because the profile is not a valid
RGB working space profile."

I've tried .cube's, 3dl's. I've even tried changing some of the tags
in the icc profile, nothing has worked so far. When I'm looking at the
different tags, it looks like a normal icc profile. I've attached it to
the document.

Anyone else having this issue?


- Gresham

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