Re: error with ociotoicc

Marie Fétiveau <m...@...>

Hello !

I tried your ICC profil in Gimp and it seems to work.
I ask one of my colleague to try it on Photoshop CS2 but as the profil doesn't have a description I can't find it in the list (may be you can add a --description to your ocio2icc cmdline ?).

But I made a quick try with a 3dl :
ocio2icc -lut aces_to_ODT_sRGB_17.3dl --description "pouet" test.icc
(This 3dl was generated with ocioBakeLut and the IIF profil Jeremy provided few weeks ago).
It works too...

Sorry that's not really helpful ;p


On Fri, Nov 25, 2011 at 9:40 AM, Gresham Lochner <gresham...@...> wrote:
Hi everyone,

Recently I've tried using the ociotoicc utility with a lut on the command line. When I try to load the icc file into photoshop, I receive:
"Could not load the RGB working space because the profile is not a valid RGB working space profile."

 I've tried .cube's, 3dl's. I've even tried changing some of the tags in the icc profile, nothing has worked so far.  When I'm looking at the different tags, it looks like a normal icc profile. I've attached it to the document.

Anyone else having this issue?


- Gresham

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