Re: combining a File-Based LUT Transform and a Display Transform?

Brendan Bolles <bre...@...>

On Jan 30, 2012, at 12:19 PM, Jeremy Selan wrote:

The downside is that in this approach you can have a color cast to the 'grayscale' output of 'r,g,b,l' modes (if the viewing transform doesnt map gray to gray), but this is not typically a concern in practice. (and is often desired anyways in some cases)

This is the thing that would seem the weirdest to me - looking at the red channel and seeing it have a color cast. I'm not sure why that would ever be "desired". The film look in the spi-vfx config makes a cast. I'm pretty sure no other program does that.

At the same time, I agree that when you want to look at just the red channel, you probably want to see the image data pre-LUT. Maybe a really smart implementation would do lin->log->red or lin->sRGB->red instead of lin->film->red when just the red channel was being viewed.


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