Re: OCIO + TuttleOFX

Est <rame...@...>

About the OFXizations of OCIO nodes, I had a chat with Esteban, the dev of
Ramen. He tried to do so but finally decided to support OCIO directly in
his app especially because it's not easy to update dynamically and to
detect user OCIO config change with OFX.
But the dynamic parameter creation is discussed for the 2.0 of OFX (cf 2.0
Till then, there's some more-or-less-cute workarounds like using secret
strings (something Esteban tested) or a python script to create the node on
the fly...
If I remember correctly, my biggest issue was on nodes that have two
dependent menus, like OCIODisplay. I didn't found a way to pick an
item in a popup menu and rebuild another one, based on the element
first picked. "Knobs" on OFX are static. My best solution, was to
all posibilities into a single menu. It wasn't nice. On top of that
popups on OFX
are internally ints. I had secret string params to save the actual
ocio data
and keep it in sync. In the end, I decided it was faster and better to
do a more
direct integration.


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