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Installed it today. After like 20 minutes of looking around, found where the LUT's are loaded… You can add a "Color Lookup" adjustment layer:

..or "Image > Adjustments > Color Lookup" and bake it into a layer.

Couldn't see any way to apply it purely as a viewing LUT, which is a shame (adjustment layers make picking colours tedious, and you have to disable it before exporting), but.. I could very well be missing something.

Not sure about a full list of formats, but the "Adobe Photoshop CS6/Presets/3DLUTs/" directory contains a bunch of .3dl files (two variants, one with "MESH" line, one without), .look files (IRIDAS format), and a .cube file

Think this is a representative sampling of the included LUT's:

It can also apply "Device Link" and "Abstract" ICC profiles

About the only mention I could find of the 3D LUT support (aside from copying-and-pastes of the feature-list) was
In my searching, I also came across this amusing thread (well, "amusing" in a frown-inducting way)
Reminds me of the Photoshop vs OpenEXR alpha/premult debate (oh, it's the same Adobe employee, which makes it a bit less worrying :P)

Anyway, hardly OCIO integration, but seems like a step forward. I'll play about more with it later!
- Ben

On 24/03/2012, at 11:50 AM, Jeremy Selan wrote:

Has anyone tried the photoshop 6 beta yet?  One of the line items is '3dlut adjustment', and I was curious what this meant. Couldn't find the docs online (yet).  Maybe you can now select a 3dlut from disk, and bake it into an image? I'm curious what formats they support...

-- Jeremy

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