Re: Luma attr error checking

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>

I'm currently working on writing a quicktime generator using OpenImageIO,
OpenColorIO, libquicktime and Qt.
Cool! That sounds like a really good use case.

On our medium term list is to build a bridge between OIIO and OCIO, so
you can use OIIO's command-line utilities to do color conversions.
But I wouldnt want to promise a date for that, and hooking em up
yourself shouldnt be too hard.

I'd like to check that I'm correctly understanding OpenColorIO's intention.

Is it intended that it will handle the color transforms and that those
will be stored in it's own XML based format?
Yes, exactly.

The XML configuration file (.ocio) is super light-weight. All the
heavy data (1D LUTs, 3D LUTs) are references to other existing files
(which remain in their native formats). Also, you don't have to hand-
craft the XML. You can use the OCIO API to build configurations, see
src/testbed/ for an example.

There's also talk of making an ocio "bundle" for easy distribution
(which would be the .ocio xml file + the luts directory), but I havent
tackled this yet.

If so, would it be within the scope of the project to build importers
and exporters that for various formats? I'm thinking of cases where
I want to bring in a LUT to apply to footage or when I want to supply
a LUT from OpenImageIO to another application.
Very much so! What LUT formats do you need support for? Let's get em
in there.

At some point soon I'll add an ocio command-line utility that will do
LUT transcoding - which along with support for more luit formats -
should be a really popular option.

-- Jeremy

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