Re: windows build, apparent bugs

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>


Thanks for this detailed report.

My apologies that you've had issues running on Windows. (and sorry for not replying sooner in the week).

Are you comfortable fixing the bugs you've found and submitting a pull request on guthub?  If you're up for this, please feel free to do so.  If not, just let me know and I'll be happy to try and address what you've reported.

As far as the final icc profile being invalid, which OCIO configuration are you using?  One from our online examples, I presume?  What command-line are you using to generate the profile?   ociobakelut <...>

I'm happy to try and re-generate the icc profile on an alternate os, so we can confirm the expected result.

-- Jeremy

On Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 9:53 AM, LaszloSebo <laszl...@...> wrote:

Hi there,

I am a bit of a newbie here, so please be gentle :-)

I built openColorIO yesterday on the windows platform, and while the
process had parts that i had to do manually (for yaml and tinyxml), it
was not extremely hard.

However, i had to mod the source code in a couple of places, which i
think might just be bugs, and not OS specific changes necessarily:

Issue #1: in core/ColorSpaceTransform.cpp:

Line 178: BuildColorSpaceOps function. When converting a lut to an
icc, no default config is used (as far as i understand), so the color
spaces defined are all totally default. Thus, they have no 'allocation
variables', at least nothing initialized for me for that. 2 base color
spaces were made automatically:
RawInput and ProcessedOutput, with basically empty structures (which i
think is fine).

However, around line 203, there is this line:
Since srcAllocation.vars is empty, this will result in an out of
bounds error.

Same thing further down in the function for dstAllocation, around line

Issue #2: in core/pystring/pystring.cpp:

Line 254: std::string do_strip() function. The used variables are all
of type std::string::size_type. At least on the windows platform,
thats unsigned int64. That means that it wraps around if you go below
zero, so a crucial test could fail when the string length was zero:

j = len; // so j is initialized with 0

then later:

j--;   // now j is, instead of being -1, is equal to the largest
number unsigned int64 can represent

while (j >= i && ::isspace(str[j]))   //  <-- since j>=i  is true,
isspace(str[j]) is tested, and will fail with out of bounds error.
I fixed this by wrapping the whole test in a if len>0 and i=0, j=0
variable initialization.

So with all that said,.. the icc conversion goes through without
errors. However, photoshop cs5 refuses to load them :-\ So i have a
feeling i might still be missing some configuration setting..

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