windows build vs smart pointers, boost on by default?

LaszloSebo <laszl...@...>

Hi there,

When building OpenColorIO on windows, one of the things i had to
change to make things properly build in my environment was enabling
boost in the config, by setting the OCIO_USE_BOOST_PTR CMakeLists
option to ON.

Currently in the base setup this setting defaults to off to minimize
custom dependencies, so by default OCIO uses tr1 for the pointers.
Using vanilla visual studio 2008 as a compiler, tr1 is not available.

Polling other windows devs, do you think boost should default to ON?
There are ways to get tr1 working on windows without boost (for
example, using the visual studio feature pack for 2008, or using
visual studio 2010), so its not a straightforward answer.

Also, its not a big deal to manually define this setting should you
want to use boost, or even add your libs/includes manually.

What do you think? Should OCIO default to boost=ON on windows? Should
it have a more complex identification of compiler/installed libs
available upon config, and set this setting accordingly?


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