Re: Standard OCIO Directories

Brendan Bolles <bre...@...>

On Apr 17, 2012, at 3:01 AM, Kevin Wheatley wrote:

As long as these can all be overridden by an environment variable and
these are some fall back location I would not object, however without
the ability to define a specific location we would never be able to
use it.

Do you mean the environment variable to set the OCIO configuration, or a variable for the directory of configurations?

I've been updating the After Effects plug-in to better support the $OCIO variable. But I think most users of AE (even those in studios) won't be running it with that kind of managed environment, so it's important that OCIO have a user-friendly alternate workflow.

I'm currently letting the user choose between three types of paths to store as the configuration location:

1. $OCIO (get the config from the variable)
2. "spi-vfx" (find the named config in a standard directory)
3. "/Users/me/OCIO/nuke-default/config.ocio" (explicit path)

But the way I currently have it, if the user starts with an explicit path and then adds an $OCIO variable later, the old path won't just stop being used. They'd have to say they were using the $OCIO variable from the start.


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