OCIO 1.0.7 released

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>

This release is a duesy.

OCIO 1.0.7 is ABI and source compatible with all 1.X versions (of
course), but has a lot of features / fixes:

Version 1.0.7 (April 17 2012):
* IRIDAS .look support
* ociolutimage utility added (handles image <-> 3dlut)
* CMake build allows optional reliance on system libraries
* CMake layout changes for python and nuke installs
* Bumped internals to yaml 0.3.0, pystring 1.1.2
* Optimized internal handling of Matrix / Exponent Ops
* Added INTERP_BEST interpolation option
* Python config.clearLooks() added
* Python docs revamp
* Nuke config-dependent knob values now baked into .nk scripts
* Nuke OCIOLookTransform gets reload button
* Nuke nodes get updated help text

For those who have automated installation 'recipes', those will need
to be double-checked due to the installation updates.

Download from opencolorio.org/downloads.html


-- Jeremy

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