Re: Standard OCIO Directories

László Sebő <laszl...@...>

> Hmmm, since people will be often be installing these manually, we might not want to get too complicated.  There's something to be said for a hard-coded path.

The main reason i am against hardcoded paths (at least on windows) is that microsoft tends to change its standard directory structure every couple years. So it might require the least amount of code maintenance if we just asked the OS where to put things as the default 'common application data' location (not talking about the additional configs / overrides one might have or has set up optionally).
Putting dynamic configs in "Program Files" became a no-no since vista, you also have the x86 folder for 32bit stuff, unless you are on 32bit windows, when you only have the pure 'program files' folder,... it just gets messy.
We actually have most of our production software installed outside of program files, to allow easier configuration management.

Either way, take this as my 2 cents :) Im cool rolling with whatever decision is made.

Personally I think something like this might be good:

1. $OCIO (get the config from the variable)
2. relative search path starting at so/dll folder: OCIOConfigs/configs/<appname>-default (to follow nuke's arbitrary standard)
3. "<user folder>/OCIO/default/config.ocio" (ex: on win7: c:/Users/me/OCIO/default/config.ocio", on linux: ~/.OCIO/default/config.ocio)
4. "<common appdata>/OCIO/default/config.ocio"  (ex: on win7: c:/ProgramData/OCIO/default/config.ocio", on linux: /etc/OCIO/default/config.ocio)

>  I notice that Adobe actually puts ICC profiles in (x86) and has the 64-bit programs get them from there as well.

Yeah, then there is also the magical c:\windows\System32\spool\drivers\color folder for system ICCs.

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