2nd annual Open Source VFX Beer of a Feather

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>

For those of you attending SIGGRAPH 2012 in Los Angeles in August, we
are throwing a get-together for developers and users of VFX-specific
open source projects. This was a big hit last year, and a great way
to put faces to the names you see on the developer mail lists in a
relaxing venue.

When: Wed. August 8, 2012, starting at 6:00pm

(apologies for conflicts; it is not possible to have ANY event during
SIGGRAPH that doesn't conflict with 6 other interesting things)

Where: Cork Bar, 403 W. 12th St, Los Angeles (about 3 blocks from the LACC)

How it works:

Our kind sponsors will charge up a tab, and we'll be able to get drinks
until the funding pool runs out (after which you're welcome to
stay and buy your own drinks). We'll also have some appetizers
ordered up front.

With proper lubrication in hand, relax and enjoy the company
of your fellow open source developers.

Your sponsors:

Sony Pictures Imageworks (they also found and booked the venue, yay!)
Peregrine Labs
Disney Feature Animation
Digital Domain
Luma Pictures

<This is actually an email from lg on oiio-dev, reposting to ocio-dev>

-- Jeremy

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>

A revised sponsor list:

Sony Pictures Imageworks (they also found and booked the venue, yay!)
Weta Digital
Peregrine Labs
Pixar Animation Studios
Walt Disney Animation Studios
Digital Domain Media Group
Luma Pictures

If you forward the announcement to other people or mail lists, please
use the revised names.