[ocs-dev] Foundry Questions

brunobignose <bruno.j....@...>

Hi All,

this is a collection of questions that we came up with at The Foundry
after sitting down with various product manager and techy types....

What is you internal representation?
- we know you want to present this as a black box but we would like
to know some technical details
- what are the scope of the manipulations, are they all 3D ? Mixed 1D
and 3D?
- how do you represent
- transforms
- display devices
- looks

What third party LUTs do you manage?
- any open source ones?
- what happens if a user doesn't have a license for a proprietary lut

How does one go about generating...
- LUTs?
- display profiles?
- looks?
- anything else in there...

Are you looking at making it extensible?

How does this all play with ICC proiles?

What level of thread safety is there?

- how guaranteed is that for the general colour transforms?
- can you flag invertible transforms in any way?

Distributing colour management XML and LUTS
- have you thought of how to pack XML + LUTS + whatever into a single
file for distribution?
- zip/tgz/voodoo?

OpenGL fragment shaders
- how do we/you manage any LUTs that need to go along with the
shaders you create?
- have you thought about OpenCL code generation?
- we want to be able to supply our own names for objects in generated
code so as to avoid name collision, eg: the function name,

On going support
- who is responsible for support?
- how do we manage folding in fixes?

Are you shipping it with any vanilla XFMs that you have created at
- and not just log/lin
- device profiles?


Bruno NIcoletti