[ocs-dev] An OCS by any other name?

Bruno Nicoletti <bruno.j....@...>

How about "Open Colour Management"? Seeing as it is more about
coordinating the whole mess of colour spaces and displays and so on,
rather than being a colour space per se.


On 18 June 2010 08:52, Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...> wrote:
I wasn't originally in love with the name Open Color Space, but I have
to admit it's grown on me.

What are other people's feeling on "OCS"?

Previously, David (Gordon) has suggested that the use of "Open" is
very 90s/cliche, and recommended dropping it. It's hard to disagree,
plain "ColorSpace" is not really googleable.

Malcolm has also suggested that a name such as "Open Color Space" is
perhaps misleading...

Malcolm: "I was telling one of the digital sups about it at DrD today.
His first response was asking which monitor probes it will support,
which I then had to go through and explain what OCS is trying to
achieve and what that would mean for productions at DrD (ie for DrD
this doesn't replace truelight or cinespace, just compliments them)."

Malcolm's suggested a few additions (with my added notes)

- OpenColorWorkSpace   (Sony's DI facility is called ColorWorks, not
sure if this is good or bad)
- OpenColorIO
- OpenColorFlow  (same name as kodak product)
- OpenColorWorkFlow
- OpenColorTransfer
- OpenColorBase (makes me think it's related to baselight)

None of these particularly jump out at me, but I'm open to all ideas.

What are peoples thoughts?

There's time yet to rethink OCS's name, but the window is closing...
Bruno Nicoletti