Dynamic color configuration

srluka <srl...@...>

Jeremy, what are your thoughts on supporting a color pipeline that
queries the files and/or workspace for color information and uses that
information to define the transformation to the reference space on the
fly, as opposed to predefining all spaces in the config.ocs? For
example, most of the images we (I) encounter can described by a basic
RGB model consisting of a 1d encoding function and 3x3 color matrix.
If they are all white-normalized, then the 3x3 matrix reduces to 4 x,y
chromaticity pairs (RGBW). If it is possible, I would like to be able
to handle all images that fall into this category with a single
transformation that takes in a set of image dependent color
parameters, as opposed to enumerating every possible case we might
encounter in the config.ocs.