[ocs-dev] Re: Luma attr error checking

Alan Jones <sky...@...>

Hi Jeremy,

On Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 4:16 PM, Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...> wrote:
Good catch.  I've updated the git repo and the downloads site (
http://code.google.com/p/opencolorio/downloads/list ) so all the
configs will work with the latest trunk release.
Thanks - it's running happily now.

Unfortunately, I'm also a bit behind in the publishing the docs. (I
have a version internally, but they're a but out of date).  I'll do my
best to repost them all within a day or two.
I'm currently working on writing a quicktime generator using OpenImageIO,
OpenColorIO, libquicktime and Qt.

I'd like to check that I'm correctly understanding OpenColorIO's intention.

Is it intended that it will handle the color transforms and that those
will be stored in it's own XML based format?

If so, would it be within the scope of the project to build importers
and exporters that for various formats? I'm thinking of cases where
I want to bring in a LUT to apply to footage or when I want to supply
a LUT from OpenImageIO to another application.

Of course, in the next few months I'd like the library to be entirely
self documenting (doxygen), and if anyone would like to help get the
ball rolling, i'd be very appreciative. (i'm happy to write them all,
I just dont have doxygen formatting / makefile experience).
I can probably throw in with the doxygen style comments - they're
pretty easy so if you're cool with me passing some dumb questions
(like the ones above) I'd be happy to help out ther.

I'd also like to have the color profiles be self documenting. (I
picture a command-line tool that will load a config, and generate an
html page outlining its use, options, etc).
That sounds like a fantastic idea - LUT formats don't seem to have
info needed to really know how to use them. Like what stage they're
intended for, the direction of the transform, whether the user will want
to offset/multiply/whatever afterward.