OCIO 0.5.13 posted

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>

Version 0.5.13 (Aug 18 2010):
* GPU Processing now supports High Dynamic Range color spaces
* Added log processing operator, and updates to many other ops
* Numerous bug fixes + updates to python glue
* Exposed PyOpenColorIO header, for use in apps that require
custom python glue
* Matrix op is optimized for diagonal-only subcases
* Numerous updates to Nuke Plugins (now with an addition node,

All code available from github and google code (as usual).

We're in the process of porting Katana (our internal lighting and
compositing tool) to OCIO, and work is progressing well. (Our target
completion date is mid Sept). Katana happens to be a nice testbed for
OCIO development - utilizing both the GPU + CPU code paths, and also
having a prior (similar) color management implementation as a
reference sanity check).