Inital Houdini lut support

Malcolm Humphreys <malcolmh...@...>


I have a few emails to send through I have been discussing with jeremy, I have split them up so they can be discussed in different threads.

Here is an initial pass at the Houidini lut loader. I have only really tested the 3D+1D type as that what we are using. There is support for the 3D type and partial support for the 1D type. There is no support for the binary type.

houdini luts has a not so good extension (.lut) and (.blut for the binary version),. Do you think we need a better way to choose a lut loader other than file extensions?

I have attached another patch staticlink_breaksRegisterFileFormat.patch which you need to edit a little to get OCIO to link statically but on OSX at least RegisterFileFormat() will not be called for the AutoRegister struct in each loader. I'm not sure this is expected.