Coming soon: Initial IIF support

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>

For those not familiar with the IIF project, the Academy is
sponsoring a project to standardize a single floating-point linear
workflow across the motion picture industry:

One of the core developer, Alex Forsythe, was kind enough to sit down
with me and spec out what an OCIO implementation of the IIF workflow
would look like. It was a great learning experience (trying to port
a non-sony workflow to OpenColorIO), and we learned a lot about making
OCIO easier to use. Expect to see a bunch of improvements in the next
few weeks related to LUT generation, allocation, baking, import,
export, etc.

Also, hopefully in the next week or two we'll also put out a first
'prototype' IIF / ACES OpenColorIO configuration. This will allow
anyone with an existing OCIO setup to test the IIF workflow. (which is
the whole promise of this project)!

(Note that in the near term, the OCIO profile will not execute the CTL
(Color transformation language) directly, but instead will rely on a
manual port of the existing transformation logic.)

-- Jeremy