OCIO 0.8.6 released

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>

OCIO 0.8.6 has been released.

This will be the final 0.8 release before the 1.0 release candidate
later this week.

The biggest change in 0.8.6 is the config reading / writing has been
updated to match 1.0, to allow for greatest interoperability. So if
you've rolled out 0.8 to your facility, and want to support a common
set of ocio profiles in both 0.8 and 1.0 simultaneously, this update
is for you. (This is how we'll be working at SPI until we've fully
transitioned to OCIO 1.0).

-- Jeremy

**Version 0.8.6 (Sept 7 2011):**
* Updated .ocio config reading / writing to be forwards compatibile with 1.0
(Profiles written in 0.8.6+ will be 1.0 compatible.
Compatibility from prior versions is likely, though not guaranteed.)
* Better logging
* Added ColorSpace.equalitygroup (makes ColorSpace equality explicit)
* Substantial Nuke node updates
* Added support for Iridas .itx read/write
* Windows Build Support