Review: removes ocio2icc (merged with ociobakelut)

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>

ociobakelut now has icc export support, removing the need for ocio2icc

This also adds additional capabilities to icc profile generation, which previously was lagging behind its ociobakelut cousin. (Specifically in terms of Config-Free LUT Baking Options.)

I'm open to suggestions whether the removal (merging) of a previously supported command-line tool is appropriate for a minor dot-release. My instinct is that this is ok, but if people have objections I'd also be ok with keeping ocio2icc around and marking it deprecated.

-- Jeremy


ociobakelut -- create a new LUT or icc profile from an OCIO config or lut file(s)

usage:  ociobakelut [options] <OUTPUTFILE.LUT>

example:  ociobakelut --inputspace lg10 --outputspace srgb8 --format flame lg_to_srgb.3dl
example:  ociobakelut --lut filmlut.3dl --lut calibration.3dl --format flame display.3dl
example:  ociobakelut --lut look.3dl --offset 0.01 -0.02 0.03 --lut display.3dl --format flame display_with_look.3dl
example:  ociobakelut --inputspace lg10 --outputspace srgb8 --format icc ~/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/test.icc
example:  ociobakelut --lut filmlut.3dl --lut calibration.3dl --format icc ~/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/test.icc

Using Existing OCIO Configurations
    --inputspace %s      Input OCIO ColorSpace (or Role)
    --outputspace %s     Output OCIO ColorSpace (or Role)
    --shaperspace %s     the OCIO ColorSpace or Role, for the shaper
    --iconfig %s         Input .ocio configuration file (default: $OCIO)

Config-Free LUT Baking
    (all options can be specified multiple times, each is applied in order)
    --lut %s             Specify a LUT (forward direction)
    --invlut %s          Specify a LUT (inverse direction)
    --slope %f %f %f     slope
    --offset %f %f %f    offset (float)
    --offset10 %f %f %f  offset (10-bit)
    --power %f %f %f     power
    --sat %f             saturation (ASC-CDL luma coefficients)

Baking Options
    --format %s          the lut format to bake: flame (.3dl), lustre (.3dl), cinespace (.csp), houdini (.lut), iridas_itx (.itx), icc (.icc)
    --shapersize %d      size of the shaper (default: format specific)
    --cubesize %d        size of the cube (default: format specific)
    --stdout             Write to stdout (rather than file)
    --v                  Verbose
    --help               Print help message

ICC Options
    --whitepoint %d      whitepoint for the profile (default: 6505)
    --displayicc %s      an icc profile which matches the OCIO profiles target display
    --description %s     a meaningful description, this will show up in UI like photoshop
    --copyright %s       a copyright field