Linux windowing stack rework (long term)

Kai-Uwe Behrmann <ku...@...>

Hello dear colour experts,

Xorg and OpenICC will have a track on Fosdem next weekend[1]. Part of this will be presentations about colour management in compositing window managers and Wayland. The later is the upcoming new windowing system. On top of this shall run the traditional X11 protocol, which is currently used by all major Linux desktop systems.

In it's current early incarnation the Wayland prototype supports only 8-bit buffers. Their most concern is a fast desktop and potentially handheld experience combined with eye candy window compositing. A good thing is the new architecture targets at easier application to display synchronisation for video playback. Wayland is expected in the coming 3-5 years to appear on production systems. Once it is in place, it is likely to become mandatory inside the Linux displaying stack.

Now my questions to you.
What are fundamentials you want to see preserved to do your colour work?
Do you see a special need or desire, what could be improved regarding colour displaying on Linux? E.g. this could be speed concerns, the use of certain display technology or others topics.
What are your thoughts about colour management in this mix?

I would like to include your concerns into the expected discussion if fit.

kind regards
Kai-Uwe Behrmann