OCIO 2.0 Documentation Overhaul - Call for Feedback!

Carol Payne

Hi OCIO Dev/Users,

As we approach the 'feature complete' deadline for OCIO 2.0, we are starting work in earnest around a documentation overhaul - from API to User Guides, it's getting re-done. We know this will be a welcome update for the majority of the community, and we hope it will be a complete resource for anyone looking to use, integrate, and learn about OCIO 2.0.

All that said, we need your help! We're looking for feedback as well as volunteers to help us with this rather large project. We've started a Google Doc with initial goals, thoughts, and ideas:

And we also have a #docs channel on our Slack instance (let us know if you need an invite!)

We're hoping for feedback in the next week or so, if you have it - put it in the doc, reply to this thread, slack us, or send a carrier pigeon.





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